Automatic Wire Stripping and Peeling Machine Electric Copper From 0.05 To 6mm2 Double Feeding

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Automatic Wire Stripping and Peeling Machine with 4 wheels Drive

Electric Copper Wire Stripping Machine From 0.05 To 6mm2 Double Feeding

Automatic Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine Specification

1.  MD-3  Fully-automatic Wire Stripping and Cutting Machine

2.  Wire Stripping Machine Power: 300W

3.  Electric Copper Wire Stripping Machine  cutting length : 0 - 99999.9mm

4.  Cable Stripping Length :  Front : 0mm-30mm ,   Back : 0mm - 30mm

5. Stripping wire range : 0.05mm² - 6mm² (AWG 28 - AWG 9)

6.  Stripping Mode : Long wire mode , Short wire mode, Multi-wire mode

7.  Wire Stripping Display : Fully english show

8. Wire Stripping Machine Voltage :  AC220V  ,  AC110V

9.  Wire Stripping Machine Cutting Tolerance :  +-(0.2 + 0.002*L)mm

10. Wire stripping machine Max Diameter of guide pipe : 8mm

11. Wire Stripping machine stripping Blade material : Tungsten carbide material

12.  Wire Stripping machine Drive : 4 wheel drive

13.  Wire Stripping machine speed adjust :  0 - 9

Enameled Wire Stripping Machine Details

Cable Wire Stripping Cutting Machine Package

Wire Stripping Machine assembling

Cable Cutting Length0-99999.9mm
Cable Cutting Tolerance+-(0.2+0.002*L)mm
Cable Peeling SpeedCan adjust
Cable Stripping LengthBack 0 - 30mm
Driving way4 wheels drive
Function 1Enameled Wire Stripping
Function 2Electric Copper Peeling
Function 3Insulated Copper Wire Cut
Max Diameter of Guide Pipe8mm
Max Middle Stripping11 Places stripping
Model NumberMD-3
NameWire stripping machine
OriginMainland China
Screen ShowEnglish Display
Stripping Blade MaterialTungsten Carbide Material
Stripping Wire Range0.05mm2 - 6mm2
TypeMale to Male
Wire Stripping lengthFront 0 - 30mm
Wire Stripping Machine Power300W

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