Automotive Wire Harness Winding Machine Maintenance Engineer Use HJ35-I Wrapping Equipment

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Automotive wire harness winding machine Maintenance engineer use HJ35-I

can wrap various wire and tube with tape, and is suitable for new energy wire harness processing industry equipment such as automobiles, aviation, home appliances, machinery, electronics, and wire harnesses.

Support handheld and desktop style, easy to use and operation

1.The device is a mature product that is compatible with the use of different types of durable plastic with no release paper Cloth material (such as duct tape, PVC tape, etc.).

2.To maintain smooth, wrinkle-free, to ensure that every lap ducttape wrapped around the upper half of overlapping coverage.

3.To ensure the semi-automated way around the plug.

4.Can be different forms of winding mode switching: the same set of points are wrapped, spiral wrapped around different locations straight.

5.To achieve a set number of turns and speed, output display.

Brand NameUE
Item TypeCables;Adapters & Sockets
Item Weight3.5kg
Model NameHJ35-I
OriginMainland China

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