Manufacturer Pro Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner For Cleaning Mechanical Equipment Parts

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Principle of ultrasonic cleaning:
Ultrasonic cleaning systems send high frequency sound waves ripping through an ultrasonic cleaning solution leaving superheated bubbles in the waves' wake. When these bubbles, called cavitatons, collapse, called decavitation, the heat and energy of their implosions work with the specially formulated ultrasonic cleaning solution to remove dirt, oils, residue and oxidation from the surface of the contaminated item.
Appliance:It can be widely used in cleaning metal Metal, Mold, DPF, Car Engine Block Parts, Engine Block, Hardware, Mould, Tool, Screw, Nut, PCB, Circuit, Golf Ball, Glassware, Cylinder, Printer etc.
1. High Q ultrasonic transducers, high strength glue bonding,have higher ultrasonic transfer efficiency and longer service life, the tank body is welded by SUS304 2.0-2.5mm, the vibration surface is plated with environmental protection chromium treatment,
2. The power circuit use the new OS oscillators,precise control of vibration frequency and have feedback collection function, ultrasonic output more stable and reliable.
3. The conversion efficienty of ultrasonic and electric energy is more than 95%. The energy conservation is more than others at same ultrasonic power output.

Because of The Quality, We Dare To Promise, Dare To Do, Others Dare Not Do

1. Provide long-term technology and services
2. Free one-year technical support and equipment service
3. If there is any problem or situation during use, we will reply within 12 hours after receiving the notice, and make corresponding solutions within 24 hours
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Our Advantages
Product Paramenters
Different tank size is available,We also offer custom sizes for larger applications.

Some More informations of Customized Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

1) Tank: one tank or multiple-tank
2)Tank size: length *width * height (mm).
3)Cleaning tank material:
high quality SUS304 stainless steel of thickness 2 mm;
high-quality SUS316 stainless steel of thickness 2 mm.
Remark: SUS304 stainless steel is prevent from weak acid, weak base and weak corrosive. At present, the SUS304 is an agreed materials by market to used as steel cleaing tank. If you need a strong acid, strong alkali or corrosive solution as a kind of ultrasonic cleaner, you should use SUS316 stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning tank. SUS316 stainless steel is resistant to strong acid, alkali and corrosive liquid.
4)Frequency selection:
Usually,the frequency of industrial ultrasonic cleaner on the market is 40 KHZ or 28 KHZ at present.However,you can choose the frequency according to your cleaning items and the difficulty of cleaning item’s besmirch,then customized cleaners accordingly.
5)Ultrasonic Frequency Range:
Low Frequency :17 KHZ, 20 KHZ, 25 KHZ, 28 KHZ, 40 KHZ
High Frequency: 68 KHZ, 80 KHZ, 120 KHZ, 132 KHZ, 200 KHZ
Reminder: The smaller ultrasonic frequency bring the greater strength of cleaning. For example, 28 KHZ frequency’s cleaning effect is greater than 40 KHZ.
6)Ultrasonic Power Choose:
The Ultrasonic Power is calculated according to your tank size and the quantity of industrial ultrasonic transducer.
Heating power: Generally, if there is not specified degrees, we will install the heat plate according to the capacity size, and temperature is 20-80 degrees.
7)Time Settings:
At present,1 — 30 minutes is ok. You can fixed the time to be 1-9999 minutes adjustable according to your cleaning items requirements.
8)Design of Ultrasonic.
Vibration plate type, sticky bottom type and hanging type. Till now, all of ultrasonic is the sticky bottom type on market. You can customize vibration plate type or hanging type according to your clean items requirements.
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After WarrantySpare parts
After Warranty ServiceVideo technical support
Applicable IndustriesHotels;Garment Shops;Building Material Shops;Manufacturing Plant;Machinery Repair Shops;Food & Beverage Factory;Farms;Restaurant;Home Use;Retail;Food Shop;Printing Shops;Construction works;Energy & Mining;Food & Beverage Shops;Other;Advertising Company
Cleaning ProcessCold Water Cleaning
Cleaning TypeIndustrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Core ComponentsUltrasonic cleaning transducer
DisplayDigital Display
Frequency28k 40k or Required
Heating Power10500w
Machine TypeIndustrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Machinery Test ReportProvided
Marketing TypeHot Product 2020
MaterialStainless steel
Place of OriginBeijing;China
ProductUltrasonic Washing Machine
Showroom LocationUnited States;Viet Nam;Russia
Temperature20-80 degree
Timer1-99 mins adjustment
Ultrasonic Power5400W
Video outgoing-inspectionProvided
Warranty1 Year
Warranty of core components1 Year
Weight (KG)68 kg

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