Fully Automatic Desktop 0.4-4MM PCB Splitting Machine Printed Circuit Board Curve Cutting Machine With Vacuum Cleaner

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The PCB gong board machine is a machine used to divide the irregularly connected PCB boards with stamp holes. Also called PCB curve splitter, desktop curve splitter, stamp hole PCB splitter.

The PCB gong board machine is an important process in the PCB production process. The PCB gong board refers to cutting the graphics required by the customer according to the processing program designed by the engineering through the gong knife.

●Desktop single-table cutting machine, speed up to 100mm/s, positioning speed 500mm/s.

●It can cut continuously without interruption during loading and unloading.

●The high-quality shaft system enables the system to accelerate and decelerate quickly, reduce the synchronization time, increase productivity, and maintain high precision.

●Use high-quality hardware to ensure high rigidity and high performance.

●All lead screws are covered to prevent dust and dirt from entering, thereby improving the life and performance of the shaft.


1. Drive system motor: servo motor

2. Spindle: imported spindle

3. Cutting performance: 500mm/s

4. Repetition accuracy of drive system: ±0.02mm

5. Cutting speed: maximum 100mm/S depends on circuit board material and cutting quality

6. Resolution: ±0.01mm

7. Configuration: X, Y1, Y2,Z three axis, stroke: 500*300*300*100mm, stroke can also be customized.

8. Repeatability: <0.1mm, for the contours of straight lines and curves

9. Circuit board positioning: special or standard fixture

10. Loading and unloading method: manual method

11. Circuit board thickness: 0.4mm-4mm

12. Safety settings: machine emergency stop switch, spindle emergency stop switch, spindle motor overheating and servo motor overload detection

13. Spindle motor:   Power: 0.5 kW   Maximum speed: 60000 rpm Cooling method: air cooling

Our factory

Cutting performance500mm/s
Drive system motorservo motor
Model NumberYK-C5331
OriginMainland China
Repetition accuracy of drive system±0.02mm
Spindleimported spindle

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