Popular Safety Cover Electric Drive Big Cable Stripping Machine (70 square wire)

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Popular Selling Safety Cover Electric Drive Big Cable Stripping Machine (70 square wire)

Large cable computer stripping machine (all electric, independent air source)
* 12 drive wheels, power soft and hard wires, and feeding system ensure that the surface of the wire is free from the sheath and sheath of the power line products.
* The pressing of the incoming and outgoing wire pulleys is forcibly carried out, which can be set directly in the program, without the need to manually adjust the pressure of the wheels. The outlet pulley also has the function of automatically lifting the right. When the outlet pulley is used, the outlet pulley can automatically raise its head to avoid it, correspondingly increase the stripping length range of the thread head, and the height of the outlet pulley head can also be set directly in the program.
* Color touch screen operation, the inverter has a simple interface, and it can run quickly when it wakes up immediately. The machine also has a simple operation interface, which can be split and displayed. The group program memory function can store the processing parameters of different wires in different program numbers.
* It can be equipped with a splitter, a cutting tool, and an inkjet printer.

Product Description

Model JW70
Power supply AC220V50/60HZ
Function Wire cutting, double-end stripping, middle stripping
Wire range 6-70 mm square
Size 70*65*48cm
Cutting length 0.1mm-99999.9mm
weight 80kg
Stripping length head 0.1-500mm, stripping tail 0.1-100mm
Blade material Imported tungsten steel / high speed steel
Wire diameter OD 20MM
Capacity 1500-2500pcs/h
Memory storage 200 groups
Remarks Function Automatic in/out, timing start, jog adjustment
Power 800W

Model NumberJW70
OriginMainland China

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